In the beginning of the establishment of Terapantha, many people were determined to oppose Acharya Bhikshu tooth and nail, but he accepted all the adverse circumstances equanimously. The period from V.S. 1817 to 1832 proved to be an ordeal for him and his followers. Nevertheless, they remained firm in their resolve. They adhered to the true path.  
Acharya Bhikshu spent his first Chaturmas at Kelava in a small dark room, which was popularly called "Andheri Auri " 17 in the local language. It was such a dark place that people used to hesitate to enter into it, even during the day-time. But Acharya Bhikshu with one of his disciples spent four months there fearlessly.  
During the first five years, Acharya Bhikshu and his disciples had great difficulty in acquiring the basic necessities like food and water, for people were reluctant to offer them alms. The same was the case with getting the places to sojourn. Thus, the early years of Terapantha sect was fraught with many great challenges. When Acharya Bhikshu felt that people did not respond to his efforts of making them understand the truth, he started undertaking severe penances. He thought, "Let us not bother about people, let us do our own benevolence."