End of the year 2010 leads to beginning of new year 2011. People are in Joyous mood of celebration. It is time to introspect the past and  plan for the future.
It is desirable that every moment, every day of the new year be successful. For achieving this, one should focus on balanced and sustainable development.
Mankind looks for materialistic development, one can’t ignore it. Economic development is critical to achieve materialistic development. Such development alone could be one sided. Other side of the development is moral and spiritual development. So, for a common man, development should be of four types :-
1.     Materialistic development
2.     Economic Development
3.     Moral Development
4.     Spiritual Development
Moral and spiritual development in conjunction with materialistic and economic development helps in establishing peace, for Mankind in this world.
His Holiness Acharya Shri Tulsi and Acharya Shri Mahaprajna  have worked tirelessly in  cultivating  Non-violent life style and moral values in our society. This  work is still in progress and we are following on the footsteps of the great saints.
With due importance to moral and spiritual development in our life, year 2011 could prove to be an important milestone for all of us.


Place :  Rajasthan                                                             Acharya Mahashraman
Date :   December 28, 2010