Muni Bhikanji was in a fix whether or not to accept the Shravakas grievances as legitimate. Having heard their views, he had succeeded in persuading them not to rebel, but he himself remained dissatisfied, as he fully agreed with the suggestions given by them regarding the ascetics' conduct. During this period of unease, he was down with severe fever. As his fever increased in the night, he entered into deep self-introspection: "Suppose if my death occurs now, what will be my fate? I have deliberately indulged in falsehood. Definitely I will have to undergo its ill-effect. So, let me correct myself. As soon as I become free from fever, I shall reveal the truth to people." The fever did subside in the morning and when the lay followers arrived, he said to them, "O Shravakas, whatever I told you yesterday was not truth. Your doubts deserve due attention. I am going to study the Agamas and I will give you my opinion later."