Acharya Mahapragya was given the title of ‘Yug Pradhan’ in 1999 as a mark of the highest honour of this era for his countless services to humanity in this Yug.

For his exceptional and sustained contribution to the cause of ‘Jain Yoga’ the epithet of ‘Jain Yoga Punruddharak 'Resurrector of Jain Yoga) was also conferred on him.He has been regarded as the ‘Modern Vivekananda’ of India by many intellectuals including ‘Rashtrakavi Ram Dhari Singh Dinkar’. To quote “Mahapragya is a Modern Vivekananda but we have not seen Vivekananda, only heard and read about him. But now we can see Vivekananda through his Vision”.Acharya Mahapragya has been called the “Columbus of Jain Meditation” by many intellectual commentators for his contribution in reviving Preksha Dhyan by which
innumerable people have been benefited.On 23 Oct 1999, Netherland Inter Cultural Open University adorned him with the title of D.Litt. (Doctor of Literature) at Netherland for his incomparable command on literature.More over, this great saint has also been conferred and adorned with the wellknown and prestigious award ‘Indira Gandhi National Integration Award’ for his contributions and services to the mankind.

Besides all these he was regularly bestowed with the different titles and awards of National and International level by various organizations such as Ambassador of Peace, Lokmanya Maharishi, Brahmashri, Dharm Chakravarthi etc.