There is a great deal of difference between living a life and living purposeful life. There are men who live for a purpose and have a distinct life-style and a culture. But today in the name of modernity and free consumerist culture, no purpose other than seeking carnal pleasure has retained its value. There has been an erosion of values. It is necessary to arrest this downtrend by providing training in ‘non-violent life style’.

This can be developed by keeping in mind the dictum “Self discipline is life”. Life in true sense would sustain only if it flows through self-discipline. Disaster may strike once and wholesome food, abstinence from drinking and smoking, refraining from cruelty, development of consciousness, for environmental preservation, checking indulgence in wanton violence, forsaking of consumerist proclivity and the like are all a part of self disciplined life which, in other words, becomes a non- violent life-style. The entire ideology of anuvrat is an embodiment of the ‘non-violent life style’.