Muni Bhikanji and his fellow monks did not get any place in the town to stay, so they decided to go to some other village. When they arrived in the outskirts of the town, a tremendous sandstorm broke out. The storm was so severe that the monks could not travel further. Since there was no other place to stay there in the outskirts of the town, Muni Bhikanji decided to sojourn at a crematorium there, which was known as 'Jait singhji ki chhatri.' (A monumental structure built in memory of the dead king). Whereas crematorium would be the last place of rest for an ordinary person, Muni Bhikanji selected it as his first resting place!  
The other day, when Acharya Raghunathji came to know that Muni Bhikanji was staying in the crematorium, he, with some of his followers, came there and said. "In this fifth era, 12 it is difficult to conform to the hard rules and regulations as prescribed in the canonical literature, so give up obduracy for following them and let us all unite
Muni Bhikshu asserted, "It is not proper to use the 'fifth era' as an excuse for laxity in conduct. All the rules and regulations, whether hard or easy, ought to be observed even during this era. I request you to think deeply over this matter again." Acharya Raghunathji could not accept Bhikanji's request. Thus, he failed to dissuade Bhikanji from his staunch resolve to follow the path of conduct as per canons. However, his failure resulted in fury, and ultimately, he warned Bhikanji to prepare himself for the worse consequences.