JVB New Jersey

Our Mission

*        To spread the universal message of Jain philosophy and Jain wisdom to the world.
*        To cultivate an atmosphere that nurtures non-violence (ahimsa), restraint (seiyam) and multiple views (anekantvaad) and thereby leads to spiritual enlightenment for human kind.
*        To create an environment that fosters unity and social harmony for all mankind.
Our Objectives
*        Host Samanijis year around from Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun , India for center activities and  spiritual guidance.
*        Invite Jain scholars and Samanijis from other centers.
*        Promote the understanding of the philosophy and practice of Jainism.
*        Provide training in integrating Science of Living in daily life to lead a stress free life.
*        Organize Preksha meditation and yoga camps for holistic health and cure of heart disease, impaired memory, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and obesity.
*        Build a sense of community and belonging particularly among children.
*        Offer Jainism courses in schools and universities.
*        Provide library and research facilities for Jain studies.
*        Organize and celebrate Jain festivals and events.
Telephone: (732) 404-1430
Visiting the center
151 Middlesex Avenue
Iselin, NJ 08830
For further details please visit the website :  www.jvbnewjersey.org